Hay Shed Hill pop-up wedding

stunning wedding photo by love and legends rowan emmett

The inaugural pop-up wedding day at Hay Shed Hill was … well, we’ll let the photos do the talking 😉

“We truly love everything, thank you so much for helping make our day perfect.”

Shayne and Blake

When we parked Big Love up on the lawn at Hay Shed Hill, even we were not expecting such a beautiful outcome to the day…

Just check out these photos by Margaret River local wedding photographer Rowan Emmett, who shoots under the label, Love and Legends.

These are just the preview photos. Here’s a cheeky Reel posted by the Celebrant on the day, Anita Revel. The audio says: “Don’t tell anyone, but you’re my favourite.”


More pop-up wedding events are in the planning for lovers of Rustico and Hay Shed Hill in Margaret River. Pop-up wedding events let couples take advantage of all the styling and facilities these venues have to offer, at a fraction of the cost. Follow Big Love Tiny Chapel on Facebook and/or Instagram to keep abreast of dates.

OK, one more Reel from Anita… The audio is “Lover” by Taylor Swift. This footage is from the POV of the couple exiting the chapel, and the view over the vineyards as they emerge through the leadlight doors. Very special.

The Vendors from this pop-up wedding day…

Venue: HayShedHillWeddings

Reception: Rustico at HayShedHill

Photos: LoveAndLegends

Flowers: Mayflower Weddings

Celebrant: AnitaRevel

And of course, the chapel: Big Love !!

Want your own pop-up wedding day?

We’d BIG LOVE to help. If you have a special date in mind, get in touch and let’s see what we can pull together. Magic happens when creative minds gather, after all 😀

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