Destination elopements

destination elope ment

Elope in Margaret River… Do you dream of running away and getting hitched, in a beautiful setting, that is infinitely memorable and meaningful? But without the stress of planning, or coming up with original ideas?

A destination elopement is the go.

This couple saw they could elope in Margaret River without the planning or expense, and opted for a destination elopement
Photo: The Picture and The Pines
Location: Margaret River Heartland

Run away and get hitched in the Margaret River region with a Destination Elopement designed for you.

It’s like a destination wedding, but without the huge guest list or price tag. All you have to do is rock up and look radiant, (which is easy to do given we’ve done all the set-up for you)!

Inclusions: the core package $3790

  • Bespoke planning of a luxe destination elopement on any weekday*
  • Celebrant from a selection of local professionals**
  • Photographer from a selection of local professionals**
  • Venue hire
  • Chapel hire
  • Witnesses
  • Travel and set-up of the chapel in your chosen location
  • Coordination of all professionals involved in your day

An average Australian wedding costs $36k, whereas an average Australian elopement costs $10k. In comparison, this core package represents fabulous value for money.

*A 20% surcharge is applied to weekends and public holidays.
**A choice of professionals will be provided in your quote. Subject to availability.


Let’s know the setting you’d like to elope / get married in, and from there we build your recommendations list for lunch / dinner, accommodation, transport and other activities within the Margaret River region.

For the ceremony itself, you have a choice of:

  • Beachside
  • Winery
  • Park
  • Forest
When you elope in the Margaret River region we can tow the chapel to your ideal setting
Big Love Tiny Chapel is on wheels, so we can tow to your preferred location in the Margaret River region


  • In Big Love Tiny Chapel
  • Small finishing touches such as macrame and dream catchers
  • Signing table and bentwood chairs
  • Lush gold velvet lounge chairs

Complimentary add-ons

When you elope, you can do anything you choose without having to please anyone but yourselves!

You may have set ideas of where you’d like to celebrate or stay, in which case, let’s know so we can coordinate professionals around you. Otherwise, we are happy to build in recommendations as part of the “Inclusions” package. You can add-on as much (or as little) as you like.

  • Lunch / dinner bookings
  • Flowers
  • Hair and make-up
  • Video / streaming services
  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Guests: Want the full wedding experience? No problem. Let’s know in your enquiry form. Note, the above add-ons are not extended to guests, but you’re welcome to bring them.

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Q: What is a Destination Elopement?
A: It’s a special few days of combining an elopement with a honeymoon… You’ll enjoy a few days in the Margaret River region, and getting hitched in an iconic location during your stay.

Q: Has anyone done this yet?
A: So far we’ve had couples from Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales fly to the West for our pop-up weddings — they’ve described it as the perfect holiday in a beautiful region, where they could indulge in world-class food and wine and nature. We’ve also had couples from England, New Zealand, and a surprising number of couples from Scotland!

Q: How do we get to Margaret River?
A: We now enjoy direct flights from Melbourne and Sydney (yay) into Busselton. Jetstar is the carrier, and most flights are under four hours. For other states, and countries!, Margaret River is just three hours south of Perth.

Q: What if my family & friends get upset?
A: Ultimately, marriage is a commitment between you both. It is quite common for couples that elope, to throw a backyard party upon their return home. Family and friends are quick to forgive when they realise how happy you are without the stress, and especially when the celebration starts ha ha.

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