Elvis wedding in Margaret River

elvis wedding margaret river

Couples that couldn’t get to Vegas to be married by Elvis, came to Margaret River instead for a pop-up wedding day featuring Elvis hisself as the Celebrant.

Well’a bless my soul, this Pop-Up Wedding Day was designed by Celebrant Anita Revel, for couples seeking a FUN wedding — all the laughs, all the photo opps, all the stories to tell!

Paul and Tiff chose this as their ideal wedding set-up, and they brought 40 of their family and besties to celebrate with them at CBCo.

married by elvis in margaret river

Before starting the formalities, Paul asked Elvis to read a letter to Tiffany…


Since the first time Paul saw your youthful sumptuous booty wiggle past him, he knew you were the lady for him.

23 years, 4 incredible children, 2 mortgages, 14 cars, 4 cats, 4 dogs, 6 rabbits, 17 fish, 
1 axolotl & 2700 guinea pigs later,

and who could have imagined it would reach a climax with me, Elvis himself, about to sing Clambake in a mini-chapel at a brewery which had recently decided to change its name due to societal influence.

The most amazing thing is that no matter what a dickhead Paul has been, Tiffany, you’ve always been there to encourage him to be even more outlandish and puerile.

This wedding is a wonderful example of this.

Even as the incendiary force behind the forward thinking and true equality loving hashtag “#banmarriagenow” movement,
eventually the desire to have your eternal partnership congregated by an Elvis impersonator, in a kitschy wedding was too strong.

Paul can imagine no other person he would rather share this futile and frivolous but ultimately amazing and incredible life with, than you.

Now here’s a couple who like to keep it real. A bit anti-establishment, a bit left of centre, and 100% dedicated to each other.

The ceremony script included every cliche and Elvis pun we could think of. What was not expected, however, was the couple’s exit song.

When asked why they chose “Clambake”, they said they didn’t want to do things “normally”, and this was the most random song they could find, so Clambake it was.

@anita.revel Elvis Presley came to Margaret River and married some people in the chapel. You betcha we used ALL the cliches 😝💃🏼 #elvispresley #elviswedding #margaretriver ♬ Burning Love (with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) – Elvis Presley & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Paul and Tiffany, you pledged to each other your lifelong commitment, love and teddy-bear snuggles, and we wish you lots of happiness.

And just remember, there is no returning to sender; and sometimes a little less conversation a little more action can solve all your problems…