31/12/23 Forest wedding in Margaret River BOOKINGS CLOSED

pop up wedding margaret river

New Year’s Eve Wedding Day Margaret River 31 December 2023.

This Pop-Up Big Love Wedding Day is designed for couples who want a pop-up style intimate wedding in a beautiful location — amongst native forest on a private farm in the Margaret River region.

(Also, in Australian this date is 31123, but in American, it’s 123123 — don’t let this numerical miracle pass you by!)

Lodge your paperwork one month before this pop-up wedding day, and you can be legally wed by award-winning Celebrant Anita Revel*, in Margaret River.

31 December 2023 is the day. Anita Revel Celebrant is your host.

Read more, and book directly through Anita’s event page to book your spot.

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pop up wedding margaret river